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Transformation Course: Lesson 20

Beyond Duality

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Yin Yang Photo: Transcending Duality

The divine does not live somewhere out there, but rather exists within. Its radiance is within each one of us. It's up to us how much we open to this awareness. The deepest wisdom lies within, where we are all interconnected in divine union.   ~  Anonymous

The Holographic Universe

Where the old paradigm is often caught up in the drama of duality and polarization, the new paradigm embraces the fascinating concept of a holographic universe. Both Quantum physicists and explorers of the deeper spiritual realms are increasingly finding that life is holographic in its essence.

To better understand the meaning of the term holographic, consider holography, which is a specialized branch of photography. Using a sophisticated process with lasers, an image can be recorded on holographic film. When lasers are then shined through that film at the precise angle used in making the film, an intriguing three-dimensional image appears to the viewer.

Note that this is quite different from the process used with holograms on credit cards, which are visible to the eye using natural light. Under natural light, the type of holographic film discussed here does not present any coherent picture. Only when lasers are directed through the film at the correct angle does the three-dimensional image appear. For an example, click here.

The amazing thing about the holographic process is that the whole image is contained in each part of the film.

For instance, if the image of an apple on this type of holographic film is illuminated at a certain angle by a laser, a clear, three-dimensional image of the apple becomes visible, as if through a window the size of the film. Yet if you then cut the film down the middle into two halves and illuminate each one separately with a laser, you find that the entire apple is still visible in both halves of the film. The only difference is that now you're viewing the apple through a narrower "window."

If you then cut these halves in half again, the intact three-dimensional image of the apple can be seen separately in all four film pieces. You can continue to cut the film into smaller and smaller pieces, yet the intact, three-dimensional image of the apple can still be seen in every piece, no matter how tiny. Although the "windows" have become smaller, the image of the apple seen through them remains intact. Amazingly, the whole image of the apple is contained within every part of the film.

Key physicists, mystics, and even inspirational speakers are increasingly discussing the holographic nature of the universe. In this view, all that exists is somehow folded within the essence of every being in the same way that every fragment of holographic film contains the 3-D image of the whole apple in the example above. Please read the fascinating eight-page essay below for exciting scientific explorations of the holographic nature of reality.

All of this has incredible implications if we open to the deeper meaning and wisdom involved. Though to most of us, the universe appears to be outside of ourselves, maybe it is equally contained within us! Maybe we not only have infinite energy within ourselves, as discussed in an earlier lesson, but also infinite knowledge, wisdom, love, and full access to all of existence!

If we extrapolate further, could it be that when two people meet, deep unconscious processes interact with conscious awareness to determine what parts of the universal hologram contained within these two beings most resonate, and are thus drawn out of the infinity of possibilities into conscious awareness and action?

Consider that when we move with clear, powerful intention in our lives, the unconscious part of the above process may be brought ever more into conscious awareness. By moving with clear focus and direction, we can more consciously evoke from the universal hologram of existence the parts which most resonate with our intentions.

When we consciously open to the infinite love, energy, and All That Is contained within us with clear intentions, we can not only raise our vibrations and expand our own consciousness, we can also inspire those around us to do the same.

The Power Elite as a Part of Ourselves

So how do the major cover-ups and power elite mentioned in several lessons fit into all of this? If we are all part of a divine hologram, could this elite somehow be a disowned part of ourselves awaiting healing and integration? Could the entire external world in some way simply be a resonant reflection of all that is going on within us both consciously and unconsciously? Could it be that both individually and collectively, we are all somehow co-creating each other and everything that happens in our lives?

If this is a possibility, how can we work towards love and integration both of all parts within ourselves, and of all parts in the collective consciousness of our world and even universe?

Even as the new paradigm is rapidly spreading on our planet, it appears that a significant part of ourselves and of the collective consciousness is resistant to change. This resistant part seems to be rebelling against the impending change by pushing towards polarization as far as possible. This part of our collective consciousness appears outwardly as a manipulative power elite doing everything they can to control the planet for their own good. Yet they may only reflect an internal part of ourselves which fears change and wants to control and protect us.

Is this bad? Isn't it natural for people to fear change and fight against it, believing that the known is somehow better than the unknown? Aren't there parts of each one of us that fight against change and want us to be safe and secure where we are right now? Can we accept those parts? Can we become friendly with them and open to the learning contained therein? Can we even learn to dance with them – to dance with all parts of both ourselves and the cosmos?

If we choose to open fully to the holographic interconnectedness of all beings, we can welcome all parts of ourselves – including those that fear change and those that welcome it – as essential and integral parts of our individual and collective being. We can honor the unique gift of each person while inviting all beings to join in an ever more harmonious cosmic dance of love and joy.

Remember the ho'oponopono practice? If the core principles of this powerful healing practice are true, we can heal anything outside of ourselves by turning and finding the reflection of that place within. Following this practice, we can then love that place, ask for forgiveness, and express gratitude for the role of that particular part of ourselves.

We can do this as individuals, yet we can also do this for all of us. We can even find the reflection of the power elite of the world within ourselves both individually and collectively, and then work to heal that part, welcoming it all into the wholeness of all that we are.

Each one of us who joins in this intention cannot help but contribute to a shift in the collective consciousness of our world. Join all of us on the Transformation Team in finding a place of acceptance and love for all people on our planet. By taking full responsibility for our lives and opening to the divine interconnectedness of all beings in our universe and all parts of ourselves, we are powerfully spreading the new paradigm in both our lives and our world!

We are the ones we've been waiting for! Thanks for being a part of this incredible team dedicated to moving beyond duality and to living the new paradigm right here and now.

The only way to find your Self is to lose your self.  ~  Jonathan Kolber

Yin Yang Photo: Transcending Duality

Image from the intriguing Coral Castle

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

  • How much do you focus on the light while avoiding and judging the dark as being bad? Consider that by focusing only on the light, you may be creating more duality and polarization in our world. Explore the holographic qualities of all aspects of life and existence.
  • On seeing disempowering or destructive behavior around you, when have you sat inactive or turned your head or closed your eyes. Consider making a commitment now in situations like this to take decisive action when it will clearly benefit all involved. Yet even as you do take action, choose also to see the divine essence in even those who would do you or others harm.
  • How willing are you to explore the shadow aspects within yourself? Though in the cosmic sense everything may already be perfect, in this physical realm, it appears that we have all created separation as a way of exploring the infinite possibilities of life. Consider how you can harmonize a belief in the ultimate perfection of all with the sometimes harsh realities of living on this planet.
  • Consider the holographic nature of life. Could the essence and qualities of all of us and all of existence be contained within each individuated being and particle in the universe? Spend time cultivating and inviting this awareness deeper into your being. Explore where in your life you feel this interconnectedness with all beings and where you don't. Consider ways of weaving this integrated awareness more fully into your life.
  • If it resonates for you, explore the following advanced technique for ho'oponopono. You might want to first click here to review the original technique. Now consider that we are all holographically interconnected in one collective consciousness. From this place of collective awareness, apply the following four steps for healing and transformation to challenges in your life: We love you. We're sorry. Please forgive us. Thank you all.

For Those Who Want More - The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

This landmark book beautifully depicts scientifically and philosophically how everything is much more interconnected than we are led to believe. Using cutting-edge scientific theories and experiments related to the holographic nature of our minds and universe, Talbot shows how powerful our minds are in affecting and even creating the reality in which we live. Chapter four's amazing examples of miracle healing is especially engaging. Very well researched with lots of footnotes. - Tao Te Ching (Photo Version)

This short, yet profound book is all about transcending duality. Scholars say the original Tao Te Ching is a poem. Like a poem, this translation is not meant to be read in one breath from front to back, but rather to be ingested at intervals, contemplated and internalized. Captivating black-and-white photos adorn each page, acting as glycerin elixirs, helping the words slide into our souls for gentle digestion. The photographs are as serenely lyrical as the ancient text itself. - Daily OM

A website designed to give you a daily dose of inspired wisdom. The Daily OM is a brief, thought-provoking meditation which can help to ground you spiritually as you move through each day. The website also provides a community discussion board and a spiritual marketplace which can put you in touch with spiritually motivated people and alert you to transformational products to help you along your path. To subscribe to the once-a-day email of wisdom, click here. - Pronoia by Rob Brezsny

The full title of this fun, highly optimistic book is Pronoia Is the Antidote for Paranoia: How the Whole World Is Conspiring to Shower You with Blessings. Pronoia is the opposite of paranoia – you think everyone is out to support you! Brezsny writes in a lyrical, irreverent, unconventional style. Throughout the book there are many interactive sections, provocative questions, exercises to try, and journaling ideas. Be prepared, however, that these aren't traditional exercises you'd find in a "normal" book. They are wild, wacky, and wonderful – just like the book! - What the Bleep!

This fun, educational film employs clever animation to unfold the radical knowledge that modern science has unearthed in recent years. Powerful cinematic sequences explore the inner-workings of the human brain. Quirky animation introduces us to one of the smallest forms of consciousness in the body – the cell. Dazzling visuals reinforce the film's message in an exciting, powerful way. Done with humor, precision, and a refreshing irreverence, these scenes are only part of what makes this film unique in the history of cinema. - TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

This delightfully inspiring website is filled with relatively short, moving video presentations by some of the world's greatest thinkers and doers. Powerful speakers from around the world are invited to give a talk of about 20 minutes covering whatever topic most ignites their passion. If you want to relax and have fun while being inspired, this is a great place to spend some time.

You are now ready for lesson 21, the final lesson of the Transformation Course. This lesson includes some incredibly inspiring material to bring the course to a close. Thanks for spending the time with us, and may you have a most beautiful day filled with love, joy, and meaning. Our love goes with you always.

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