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Transformation Course: Lesson 21

Love Interconnects Us All

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.
  ~  Buckminster Fuller

Welcome to the final lesson of the transformation course! In this lesson, as we prepare to welcome all who have registered for the course to join the Transformation Team community portal, we present some awesomely inspiring material, review previous lessons, and come back to the interconnectedness of us all. Your sacred love flows into all of us. Our sacred love flows out to you.

We now move beyond duality to a place where every one of us is deeply honored for being the divine, loving individual that we are. We know that each of us has our challenges and weaknesses. We honor these places as teachers which lead us to ever greater spiritual growth. We support each other in moving into and through these difficult places, so that we might find ways to connect more meaningfully and support and love each other ever more deeply.

We also honor, support, and celebrate the wonderful strengths and unique talents each of us bring to this team. When we combine all of our strengths and abilities with a shared intention to empower transformation in both ourselves and our world, the new paradigm cannot help but grow and spread rapidly in our lives and around the world. Each one of us plays a vital role in this beautiful transformation. Thanks for being who you are and for joining us in this exciting time on our planet!

Though this last lesson is largely for review, we offer a few last inspiring pieces for your enjoyment. First, hugs are a wonderful way to feel our interconnectedness. The amazing free hugs video shows how hugs can bring large numbers of people together in rich and inspiring ways. Take a look at this rich four-minute clip below: - Free hugs

This one man (Juan Mann) and the short video covering his campaign spawned an entire movement which has spread millions of hugs around the world. The above video has now been viewed over 50 million times. If you do a Google video search for "free hugs," you will find dozens of videos showing the many countries in which the free hugs movement has grown. We are indeed living in transformational times! For another powerfully inspiring story, click the link below. - A Boy's Last Wish

For all the sadness it can bring, death can also be an amazing awakening both for the one who makes the passage, and for those who remain behind.

There is much talk these days in certain transformation circles about the Indigo children – sometimes called rainbow children or starseeds. These are often said to be souls from other planets or dimensions which have incarnated at this time on Earth to help the planet during this time of transition. You might remember our transformation fable in which a story like this was presented.

We've heard of many stories of amazing children far beyond their years in emotional development or in certain talents. Akiane Kramarik is a good example of one of these. We invite you to watch a short, inspiring video clip of this child prodigy artist discussing her work at the tender age of 10 years old. - Akiane

Note that Akiane's mother was an atheist until her own daughter awakened her to a spiritual path! For more on Akiane, click here. For more on the inspiring Indigo children, see the New York Times article available here. These clearly are remarkable times in which we live!

Many are predicting an imminent Armageddon or major economic collapse on our planet. Yet how does it help to focus on fear? What if instead, while working to understand the shadow side of ourselves and our world, we continually choose to focus most on doing our very best in this and every moment. If some major disaster is to come, we don't have to worry if we place our trust in all of us and in All That Is. Consider the below allegory:

These times are like a huge tidal wave which has arisen and is threatening to swallow the entire planet. Many don't even see the massive wave and are swept away as it crashes down. Others who see the unstoppable wave are paralyzed by fear and experience the same fate. Some try desperately to run away, but cannot escape the mighty wave which rapidly overtakes them and washes them away.

Those on a clear spiritual path, however, on seeing the immense wave about to engulf them, realize that running is futile. Tapping into their spiritual core, they take a deep breath and dive straight into the wave. Their full lungs eventually buoy them up so that they pop out at the surface on the other side, arriving in a new world.

Yet wait! Then there are the members of the Transformation Team. On seeing this huge wave, they first open to their unwavering spiritual guidance ... and then they grab their surf boards! "If there's going to be a tidal wave," they say, "we might as well have a good time riding it!"

Having fun while riding out the mighty wave, the Transformation Team members help and empower all they can along the way, inviting all they encounter to join them in the joyful work of building a new world once the wave has passed.

This is not at all to say we are predicting some kind of disaster scenario. Many of us are optimistic that this is not necessary. Yet no matter what happens in the future, if we let our fears control us, we will very likely end up lost or swept away by all that happens around us. If instead, we move with love and a clear intention for transformation, we can actually have a great time together as we ride out any crisis that comes our way.

We can choose to live fully in each moment, accepting that we will die whenever it is our time to die, and even welcoming this personal transition. So as long as we are here on this planet, let us choose to support each other in playing full out, in being the very best we can be, and in spreading powerful transformation through love and empowerment to all whose lives we touch. Thanks for choosing to be a part of this amazing team!

To leave you with one last inspiring piece, we invite you to watch the powerful video below. Enjoy this refreshing six-minute video clip of Paul Hawken discussing "Blessed Unrest" at the inspiring Bioneers conference, where he talks about how the largest movement in the world came into being, and why no one saw it coming. - Inspiring movements

We're all interconnected

If you love the sacred and despise the ordinary,
you are still bobbing in the ocean of delusion.

  Lin Chi

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