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Transformation Course: Lesson Seven

Every One of Us Makes a Difference

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Bless those who challenge us to grow, to stretch, to move beyond the knowable, to come back home to our elemental and essential nature. Bless those who challenge us, for they remind us of doors we have closed and doors we have yet to open.   ~   Navajo saying

Every one of us has had powerful, meaningful moments in our lives. Even (and sometimes especially) the homeless and the downtrodden have experienced moments where they touched their own divinity. The poems and stories in this lesson help us to let go of the many superficial layers and remember the radiant divine essence and infinite potential that lies within each one of us, no matter how buried it may be.

This infinite divine potential resides not only in members of the Transformation Team, but within every person who lives on this planet. The joy and privilege of being on this loving team is that we get to remind all whose lives we touch of that divine spark, of who we really are. What an honor to assist others in awakening to their own infinite potential and divine nature!

As people open to their divine essence, they begin to awaken to the infinite power within. It is a power that is born of our connection with the collective divine essence of all beings and All That Is.

Thankfully, there are an ever-increasing number of books, films, poems, and other materials which give guidance not only on how to tap into our inner potential, but also on how to use that potential in very practical ways in our lives. One popular film along these lines is The Secret. Before continuing, please watch the first 20 minutes of this empowering video at the link below.

The Secret reminds us of a powerful principle of manifestation: the law of attraction. What you focus on with thought and feeling is what you tend to attract into your experience. When our minds hold a crystal clear focus on a thought or intention and our heart resonates with deep passion around this, the probability of the universe creatively responding to this thought or intention is greatly increased.

The law of attraction does not, however, give you what you want every time. Unconscious processes can also play unsuspecting roles in this process. Yet don't be surprised if by consciously using this principle, transformation becomes an ever more frequent visitor in your life.

The Secret was successfully designed for mass consumption, and therefore appeals to the common desires for more health, wealth, and power. We all know that these things do not necessarily bring happiness. In fact, some of the most wealthy, powerful people in the world end up forgetting about the deeper meaning of life and lose touch with joy as a result.

Members of our team are more likely to use the law of attraction to powerfully focus on calling in the highest good or whatever is best for ourselves and for all beings in the universe. By holding strong to this focus and finding ways to bring passion to it, we can and will transform our lives and world.

This is not to say we shouldn't use the law of attraction to manifest specific things or events in our lives. Yet in doing so, let us also surrender to the will of the Divine by always holding what's best for all of us as our deepest intention.

There are times when in attracting something into your life you may feel certain that you know what's best for all involved. Yet there can be unforeseen consequences or reasons why what you're attracting is not what's best. By always holding to the intention, "only if this is what's best for all," you allow divine forces to enrich your life and the lives of those around you in unexpected ways.

There are times when what's best for all is not necessarily what's easiest or most enjoyable. If we always focus on the positive, we may end up repressing shadow forces which can actually be powerful teachers leading us to personal growth. Sometimes unwanted or unexpected challenges, difficult situations, and even pain can teach us important lessons that in the long run help us to more powerfully invite transformation into our world.

By choosing at times to consciously explore difficult emotions which arise with the intention of transformation, we can develop a deeper understanding of ourselves. Sometimes choosing to move into fear and discomfort – knowing that deep wisdom can be found here, too – can actually lead to powerful expansion and greater integration. When we choose to see all experiences as gifts from the divine and opportunities for growth and understanding, we open to a deeper level of divine guidance. Let us use the law of attraction for the highest purpose in our lives.

Consider the term creative surrender. The law of attraction can facilitate limitless creative abilities within us. Yet surrender to something greater than ourselves can also allow powerful miracles into our lives. Surrender is another powerful principle of manifestation which inspires us to dance with the unknown while trusting that we are always held in divine embrace.

When we surrender fully to allow the Divine to flow through us, we become ever more creative agents of transformation. From a place of deep surrender to the Divine, we can become powerful creators in our lives and world.

For two short, inspiring essays of miracles created by surrendering to higher guidance or an inner calling, please read the stories at the link below. - Two inspiring essays

Remember that desire for money and power can be a trap which causes us to forget about the deeper meaning of life.

Now, for a powerfully inspiring video which shows one man who truly embodied both the law of attraction and creative surrender throughout his life and made a big impact on our world, watch the moving video below. In this amazing 10-minute clip from the Oprah show, Prof. Randy Pausch talks about his own impending death and the powerful wisdom he gained on his wonderful journey through life.

Randy died on July 25, 2008, yet his amazing spirit continues to inspire millions beyond his physical passing. More information is available at his website listed below. Take some time to breathe in the inspiration of this one man and his words, and remember that every one of us makes a difference.

As we use the law of attraction and creative surrender, let us always hold as our deepest intention what is best for both for ourselves and for all beings on our planet and throughout the entire cosmos. Each person who joins in manifesting this key intention helps to transform our world and universe into one filled with more love, joy, and meaning. Thank you for playing your essential role in this most awesome transformation.

Ask with pure intent, and it shall be given unto you.
Knock with pure heart, and the door shall be opened unto you.

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Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

  • Be aware of your thoughts and the quality of your thinking as you move through the day. Notice how what you are thinking affects your experience. Notice when you might want to change or shift your thoughts in order to have a more empowering experience. If your thoughts are scattered and superficial, use deep breaths of sacred love to bring focus.
  • Recall a few key times in your life when you surrendered to something greater than yourself. Open to the possibility of dancing with the Divine by surrendering yourself more to the collective will of all beings and from that place of surrender creating powerful transformation in your life and our world.
  • How has tribal mentality impacted your life? Where have you compromised your own core values in order to be accepted and go along with the tribe? Take some time to examine what "tribes" have influenced your values and behavior. Open to the possibility of transforming old conditioning or programming to move towards greater love and empowerment for yourself and all around you.
  • What is it that you really want in your life? What matters most to you? About what are you most passionate? Spend some time contemplating these powerful questions and consider how you might use the law of attraction to create the life and world in which you want to live.
  • Are you afraid to step fully into your power? Explore your fears of what might happen if you truly moved with full integrity, courage, honesty and power in your life. Consider opening to these fears and inviting them to teach you about yourself. Then work to transform these fears towards love and greater connection with yourself and with all around you.
  • Do your best to see and support the infinite potential not only in yourself, but in all you meet. Even when you see a person living in contraction, imagine the deep potential within and see if you can't find ways to support that person in opening to new possibilities.

For Those Who Want More - Wikipedia on the Law of Attraction

A description of the law of attraction in the Wikipedia with links to related articles and resources. Learn more about the history and principles of this law and explore even some of the criticisms listed. Each of us can find a way to use this information in support of transformation of both ourselves and our world. - Inspiring webpage of Randy Pausch

For lots of engaging videos, a book of wisdom, and other information on Professor Randy Pausch, don't miss this webpage chock full of inspiration. This amazing man was just as comfortable with life as he was with death. For a best-selling book about his life and death, click here. - Website of Marianne Williamson

Most well-known for her amazing poem "Our Deepest Fear," Marianne Williamson is a powerful creative force for love who has inspired millions for many years. She is a spiritual activist, author, lecturer and founder of The Peace Alliance, a grass roots campaign supporting legislation to establish a United States Department of Peace. Enjoy her inspiring website. - Website for The Secret

Watch the full version of this inspiring 90-minute film for $2.99 online or order a DVD to share with friends and family. Remember that the film was designed to attract a consumer-oriented public. Consider taking these principles deeper to support the transformation of all of us. - The Road Less Traveled

This landmark personal growth book by M. Scott Peck melds love, science, and spirituality in a way that leaves most readers deeply inspired and better equipped to deal with the challenges life presents. Dr. Peck's willingness to reveal his own life challenges as well as to share the intimate stories of his anonymous therapy clients creates a compelling and heartfelt narrative. This highly insightful book helps us learn how to distinguish dependency from love; how to become a more sensitive parent; and ultimately how every one of us can make a difference.

We strongly support you in moving ever more fully into your own infinite potential. Lesson eight will take you back deep into the shadow realms as we explore the hidden agendas of the power elite on planet Earth. Thanks for being who you are and for making a difference in our world. Our sacred love goes with you always.

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