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Transformation Course: Lesson Five

Breathing Sacred Love

Love is a choice you make from moment to moment.
Barbara De Angelis

Our sacred love flows out to you! The first lesson in the Transformation Course mentioned that every person in the world has a heart, and every heart has a place within that wants only to love and be loved. Since that lesson, you've been on a rather intense journey through shadow and light.

Now, as we dive back into the light, this lesson will introduce you to the inspiring Web of Love website and a simple, yet powerful exercise there. This information can help you to be an ever more powerful generator of love in your life and our world. Please read the below home page and explore the breathing exercise there. - Web of Love home page

Yes! Your sacred love flows into us. And our collective sacred love flows out to you. Let us often breathe and feel the Web of Love which interconnects us all as we move through the day. This simple exercise can fill our beings with tremendous love and vibrance as we remember to breathe sacred love with all around us throughout the day. Let the love flow!!!

One of the most simple, yet profound acts we can do in the course of a day is to breathe sacred love with any and all people who cross our path. Even on a crowded bus or a busy street, through opening to the place in everyone's heart that wants only to love and be loved, we can silently breathe in the sacred love of all around us. And then we can breathe our sacred love out to all.

The more we walk in sacred love like this, the more transformation spreads. Thank you for joining in spreading sacred love in this beautiful way throughout our world!

And now we have a deeply moving story of one of the most amazing dads in the world. Dick Hoyt naturally breathes sacred love with his dear son, Rick. Please read their beautiful story at the link below and then view the powerful four-minute video listed at the end of the two-page story. - Strongest Dad in the World

Talk about sacred love!!! Rick and Dick Hoyt are a shining example of what is possible when we commit to letting the love flow free and strong. Take a moment now to breathe some sacred love with this inspiring pair. Thanks to both of these great men for inspiring us by their beautiful love and commitment.

Sacred Cows
Sacred Cows © Spyder Webb

Peace between countries must rest on
the solid foundation of love between individuals.

  Mohandas K. Gandhi

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