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Transformation Course: Lesson 16

The Power of Intention and Purpose

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The less clear a person is of their deepest life intentions and purpose, the more easily they tend to be influenced by the world around them. The more clear they are, the more powerfully they influence the world around them, and so can create the life they envision.

The second part of this lesson is optional. For those interested in exploring more of the big picture, the below link will take you to about a dozen paradigm-shifting essays, most between two and twenty pages in length, which provide valuable information from a mega-perspective about what is happening in our world.

You have already read two of these essays in previous lessons. For those who are ready for more, pick one or more of the essays at this link that you haven't read to explore the information presented. Be prepared that some of these dive deeper down the rabbit hole. Yet by informing ourselves, we can be more effective in promoting transformation in our lives and world.

For those who choose to take this option, enjoy this opportunity to dive even deeper into all that is happening in our world, and don't forget that any time you find yourself feeling contracted, you can breathe sacred love or use the ho'oponopono healing technique. We can combine the knowledge gained here with our life purpose and intentions to powerfully shift our paradigm and transform our world. - Best Big Picture Summaries

And to end this lesson on a fun note, enjoy the two engaging videos below. The first nine-minute video takes a humorous look at the big picture question of where we originally came from. The second is an inspiring three-minute video titled "Love is Energy." May the love and joy here energize your life purpose and intentions.

Those who say it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.
Chinese Proverb

What is most important to you?

Take Action: Suggested Activities for Transformation

  • Write down your life intentions and purpose and post them where you can see them easily to be frequently reminded of what you really want in life. When you wake up in the morning and just before going to bed at night, remind and recommit yourself to your purpose and intentions.
  • Open to guidance and suggestions from friends, family, and your spirit guides in refining and further developing your intentions. Ask for feedback and support in living the life you envision. For every challenge you face in life, you can develop an intention to guide you when the going gets rough.
  • Consider breathing sacred love as one of your intentions and join us in strengthening the web of love which interconnects all beings.
  • Notice when unconscious parts of yourself (thoughts, feelings, desires) arise to block you from following your deeper intentions and purpose. Acknowledge these parts and find a way to give them a voice. Engage in dialog with these conflicting parts of yourself, inviting them to harmonize with your deeper intentions. Invite spiritual guidance to help facilitate this dialog.
  • What do you think the purpose and intentions of the collective consciousness of our planet might be? What would you like it to be? How coherent is this collective will? How do you relate to this? Considering that every one of us has an impact on this, explore how you might bring greater coherence and harmony to our collective consciousness.
  • What do you think is the meaning of life? How is this related or not related to the purpose and intentions you have developed for yourself?

For Those Who Want More - A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life Purpose by Eckhart Tolle

This amazing book is filled with powerful information and tools designed to help you move through any blocks you might have to moving fully into your life purpose and intentions. It is the best guide of its kind that we've seen. - The Intention Experiment by Lynne McTaggart

A groundbreaking exploration of the science of intention. Drawing on the findings of leading scientists from around the world, this very well researched book demonstrates that our thoughts and intentions have incredible power to shape our lives. A few of the chapters have truly astounding information with the potential to change the way you think about your life and our world. - Books on Purpose and Intentions

A list of over a dozen excellent books which can guide to to greater clarity on your life purpose and intentions. Short descriptions of each book by a variety of respected authors help to decide which might be most empowering for you. - Revealing News Article Summaries

A collection of summaries of some of the most revealing media articles ever written in major media publications. Though you have seen a few of these articles in previous transformation course lessons, you will likely be astounded by the powerful information provided in many others. Links are always provided to read the full articles on their major media website for those who want more. - Index of Revealing News Article Topics

A user-friendly index to media article summaries on over 30 fascinating topics ranging from assassinations to whales and dolphins. These articles are sure to provide you with powerful information of which you were not previously aware.

May we all find empowering ways to support each other in living our purpose and intentions to the best of our ability as we work together to shift the planetary paradigm. For those registered for the course and interested in joining our community portal, please write your life purpose and intentions along with your impressions of this lesson before moving on to the next lesson.

Lesson 17 is an inspiring reminder that transformation doesn't have to always be hard or challenging. It can also be a simple and enjoyable matter. Thanks for joining us, and may you have a most beautiful day filled with love, joy, and meaning. Our love goes with you always!

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