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Transformation Course: Lesson 11

Principles of Transformation

If we go within, we will never go without.

You've now completed half of the transformation course. Congratulations!!! For those who are registered, we look forward to your arrival in the community networking portal once you've completed the course.

This lesson provides information which puts what we've covered so far into a greater context and gives you an opportunity to reflect on what you've experienced so far during the course. To put the global political situation into a broader perspective, please read the concise two-page summary at the link below. - Creating a New Paradigm

By each of us committing to transform ourselves from the inside out, and then all of us coming together to co-create the life that we know is possible on this planet, the process of transformation is inevitable. This is what the Transformation Team is all about! Thank you for joining us on this most exciting journey into the core of ourselves and out to the most expansive dimensions of All That Is.

Now for a concise two-page essay which presents three simple principles of transformation in a most profound manner, please click below. If this material resonates with you, we also highly recommend the full seven-page version of this material available at the link given at the bottom of this transformational essay. - Principles of Transformation

For a wonderful video which inspires us to open more fully to the third principle of transformation – gratitude – please watch the refreshing five-minute clip below, "A Good Day" with Brother David Steindl-Rast of

Transformational Beam of Light

Photo by Paul Burks

Take some time to fully digest the above two essays and video. When you are ready, please click the link below to continue.

You are the center of your universe.
Everyone else is the center of their own universe.
And thus we are all equal.

  Nassim Haramein of Resonance Science Foundation

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