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The Transformation Course

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The highly praised Transformation Course is designed to deepen your understanding of our world and to expand your capacity to love and meaningfully connect with others. The course is offered free of charge to all who are interested, though donations are more than welcome. As those who have completed the course have commented, the Transformation Course is a bridge to expanded consciousness:

Working my way through this material is changing me. I feel more contentment than I have ever felt before. The Transformation Course has given me hope that there is still time for me to contribute to Love's work within our world and universe. It feels like returning home and finding that I am not all alone.  ~  JoyAnna

The scope of the topics assembled for these lessons was very impressive. Even very experienced seekers of enlightenment will find things they hadn't covered within these lessons.  ~  Steve

I've been scouring your site, breathing and being grateful for all that occurs in my life. I find that I'm much more hopeful and excited – and much more interactive once again with people. So, it follows that breakthroughs are beginning to occur – my daughter found a house, my health is restored, and I'm back to the gym.  ~  Cathie

For the appreciative comments of many others who have gone through the course, click here. The primary purpose of the Transformation Course is to inspire us all to be ever more powerful generators of sacred love and catalysts for a new paradigm based on love and empowerment.

The Transformation Course consists of 21 lessons presented on consecutive web pages. Each lesson contains required material on a particular topic, suggestions to take action, and additional optional resources for those who want to further pursue the topic presented. For a brief overview of the course listing the titles of each lesson, click here. If you are interested in other versions of this course, including a non-spiritual version, click here.

One part of each Transformation Course lesson involves reading transformational materials. Other parts take you to fascinating online videos. Certain lessons will engage you in writing about various aspects of yourself, for instance writing out your life intentions and purpose. And you can move through the course as quickly or slowly as you like.

Two Paths: Registered and Self-Directed

There are two paths for moving through the course. For those who would like to join our community portal, at the end of lesson one there will be a special link taking you to a registration form to be filled out so that you can keep an online journal of your course experience and contact others who have completed the course with questions or suggestions. If you are sure you want to take this path, there is no need to read the rest of this page. Please visit our home page now and follow the links at the bottom of each page to move through the course.

For those interested only in the course and not our community portal, please read on. At the end of each lesson where there is an option for either registered or self-directed participants, you can simply click on the self-directed link to continue to the next lesson of the course. You can also easily find any lesson by using the link to the lesson index at the top right corner of any webpage on this website.

The course does not promote any particular religious or spiritual path. Those who have journeyed through these lessons have come from a rich variety of spiritual backgrounds, ethnicities, and life experience. They generally share a common interest in both personal growth and transforming our world through love and empowerment.

The lessons have an abundance of both highly inspirational material, which will leave you wonderfully excited and optimistic, and educational material, which will reveal some of the dark underbelly of our world.

Integrating the Light and the Shadow

If you are not aware of the major cover-ups and hidden agendas taking place behind the scenes on this planet, you may find parts of the educational information to be somewhat disturbing. Please don't despair about this. Even as we present this potentially disturbing information, we provide a greater context for understanding and integrating what is presented.

Remember that even the dark or negative forces out there are all a part of the universal dance. If we ignore or abandon these forces, we reject a part of ourselves, as we are all interconnected. The course provides lots of support and inspiration on how we are already transforming these challenging places in our lives and world. The transformation is spreading even as you read this.

I am definitely getting a more complete picture of the world around me. This makes all sorts of things easier to comprehend and hence less scary. I feel more connected to people. I can't help but be nicer, more tolerant of people.  ~  Jeremy

I have been questioning the value of taking a close look at the dark underbelly of the collective shadow. Some spiritual friends say, 'Why not just focus on the light?' I had an experience with lesson four which has moved this inquiry forward. After reading the story of the Christmas Truce, I found myself spontaneously breaking down sobbing. It was after reading the last line of the song: 'That the ones who call the shots won't be among the dead and lame, and on each end of the rifle we're the same.' I was crying out of a deep sense of responsibility for being a part of that which caused this. I had a sense (which my mind doesn't yet understand) that I am not separate from 'the ones who call the shots' who I have had so much disdain for. For once, I had a sense of not being separate from 'them.' I have so far held myself as 'not a part of that' and 'better than' them. I got a glimpse of how much of the same vicious insanity is in me, and has been in me. I am willing to wake up out of that insanity, but that does not make me different or better. Thank you for putting this course together. It is a great service.  ~  Lynn

I have struggled for seven years and 3,000 hours of research into the dark side and did not know what to do with it. This course was wonderful in integrating it with the light side, as well as with both of these sides in me. I am much more at peace with the dark side of the world and, more importantly, my own dark side. This should facilitate a dramatic reduction in my use of judgment and a focus on creating a world from gratitude and joy.  ~  Jim

Each of us can be more effective transformation agents when we are willing to shift our own paradigm by looking into the hidden and unconscious places both inside of ourselves and out in the world. Exploring and learning to work with the "shadow side" is just as important as spreading love and inspiration. Learning to accept, understand, and even dance with our shadow is a significant part of what makes the course and the Transformation Team so profound and exciting.

Our deepest fears are the dragons that guard our greatest treasures.     ~  Rainer Maria Rilke

Sacred Cows
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For those who are uncertain whether to take the course, we invite you to open to your spiritual guidance in this. You might also appreciate other comments of those who have gone through the course, available here.

If you choose not to take the course, we wish you the very best in all that you do and invite you to see some of the other inspirational and educational websites with which we are involved at If you are interested in a non-spiritual version of this course or would rather focus only on the light and love aspects, see other versions of the course available at this link. Should you at some point be drawn this way again, you are always welcome to come back.

If you are ready to begin the Transformation Course, please click on the link below to enter the first page of the course. This first page will explore the concept of fluid intelligence and its importance in expanding our awareness. May your journey through the course be meaningful, profound, and enjoyable.

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