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Community Values and Intentions

As a loving community dedicated to personal and planetary transformation, the Transformation Team finds it important to uphold certain common values and intentions. We ask that all community members do our very best to embrace these in interacting with other members, and in fact, with all people in our lives. Though recognizing that at times we may falter, we commit to do our best to live and breathe these values and intentions in each moment of our lives.

  • We treat every person we meet with honesty, integrity, and respect.
  • We support each individual and group in being the very best they can be.
  • We promote and radiate love and empowerment in all aspects of our lives.
  • We acknowledge that ultimately we are responsible for every action we take.
  • We know that we are all interconnected in the cosmic dance of life, and that each action of every individual affects the whole.
  • We open to the possibility that the deepest depths of ourselves and all beings vibrate with boundless love, joy, wisdom, and connection with All That Is.
  • We recognize that as manifestations of the divine, we are all in our deepest essence divine. We commit to nurturing and supporting that divine essence in ourselves and all around us.
  • We intend to move beyond negative judgment and separation to focus on acceptance and greater connection for ourselves, and for all around us.
  • We choose to explore and understand the hidden and unconscious aspects of both ourselves and the world around us, so that we can more effectively support the shift to a new paradigm.
  • We realize that transforming the fears and weaknesses within us is just as important as transforming the world outside of us.
  • We honor all parts of ourselves – our fears and weaknesses as well as our passions and strengths – as potential teachers that can lead us to greater wisdom and understanding.
  • When confronted with destructive or other disempowering behavior, we do our best to stop that behavior, yet still support the divine essence of the person or people involved.
  • While honoring and celebrating our differences and each individual's uniqueness, we choose to focus on ways we can come together and unite our energies in service of the good of all.
  • In all of our actions, we hold the intention of what's best for all beings.

As unique and essential members of our Transformation Team community, we agree to embrace and uphold the above values and intentions to the best of our ability. We further agree in times of difficulty to compassionately remind ourselves and other Transformation Team members of our commitment to uphold this agreement. We are excited to inspire each other to be a continuing invitation to love and transformation in all aspects of our lives.

Consider printing and saving this page as a reference which can be used as a reminder whenever we are faced with challenging situations. For a print version of this page, click here.

The transformation course and website officially launched on Sept. 22, 2007

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